Oh, hey there, and welcome to North Village Artisan Batik - the place where you get purposeful and beautiful artisanal batik paintings for you and your loved ones to feel relaxed and joyful.

Firstly, I am a mom to a lovely boy, and secondly the founder of North Village Artisan Batik. I grew up in a wonderful small town in Penang (The Northern part of Malaysia), hence the name - North Village.

Living in a fast-pased and demanding modern world, I understand one thing very clearly, and that is we need to slow down and practice mindfulness, and often, art therapy is a wonderful activity to help you do so. However, you often find yourself completing artwork that leaves you wondering what to do with them.

And more than that? You want to add something unique to your space that reflects your personality, but you can't seem to find the right piece. North Village exists because I believe that painting your own batik piece will create a unique and purposeful decor for your home (and your gift receiver's home too)!

My ready-made or personalized batik painting kits will be the perfect gift for yourself or for others during housewarmings, seasonal celebrations, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, corporate giftings, or for no reason at all!

The batik painting kits you will find here at North Village are all artisanal, handmade, and 100% hand-drawn. They are high in quality and easy to complete, so you can be sure that when you paint, you will feel joyful while achieving your home decorating goals. Each batik kit is specially created for those who appreciate the handmade.

I hope my batik piece will be a great addition to your home and to your loved ones, bringing them warmth and lighting up your day. heart